Cross Timbers Animal Hospital

1301 N. Custer Rd.

McKinney, TX 75071






Cross Timbers offers a unique experience in canine boarding-- supervised group play. Dogs are let-out in our fenced play-yard several times a day. Play groups are based on size and activity level. There are tennis balls and Frisbees for dogs to fetch, a water trough for cooling off and always a person in the yard available to scratch a belly. Because dogs may get dirty during play-time, a complimentary bath is given to all dogs that have spent more than two consecutive nights with us. Any dog who appears aggressive or frightened will be allowed out in the yard by themselves. Owners have told us that their dogs become very excited when turning into our drive way. In fact, one dog has enjoyed staying with us so much that he has escaped from his back yard to come and visit us.

Canine boarders are fed Purina's CNM EN diet. EN is a prescription diet that is easy to digest and reduces the chances of gastro-intestinal upset due to a change in diet. If your dog is on a special diet or you prefer to bring your own food the kennel staff will be happy to feed your pet food that you have provided.


To insure your pet's health, we require all boarders, both dogs and cats, be up to date on their vaccinations, including Bordetella for dogs.

During school holidays, boarding space fills up quickly.  Make  reservations well in advance.


Drop-offs and picks-ups may be done any time during business hours.


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